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Get back to your life with painless laser treatment.

Pain relief that increases mobility, speeds up healing while reducing swelling and inflammation. 



Accelerates Healing

Nobody should have to:

Suffer after surgery for longer than necessary

Be forced to use pain medication that makes them feel worse

Wonder why recovery is taking so long

be disappointed that "normal" is too far into the future

be told surgery is major and feeling better takes time

Struggle to find something that actually helps

Get back to your normal

stop being told

surgery recovery takes time

instead take control of your healing

Decrease swelling and inflammation

Laser treatment painlessly decreases swelling as quickly as 10 minutes.  Most patients have a reduction in swelling prior to leaving the office.

Less pain

Because laser treatment increases healing at the cellular level, most patients experience reduced pain more quickly.

Feel Better Faster

Laser treatment begins healing at the cellular level increasing the rate of your recovery and moving you toward whole health quicker.

“Dr. Scott is fantastic! He’s the best doctor ever and has a great bedside manner. Funny and gets right to the problem and fixes it! Has great techniques and also lets you know what he’s doing , why and what I need to do to stay feeling great. After seeing him, we went to Estes Park the next day and spent a long time walking with no pain anywhere. I Highly recommend Dr Scott to anyone that is suffering from pain. Wish we could take you back to Michigan Dr. Scott! Thank you millions!”

Tana Booth

What can I expect?

Dr. Scott Kircher helps patients accelerate healing and decrease pain after surgery with hot laser treatment options.   A customized laser treatment plan is determined by the needs of the patient. Most laser treatment plans consist of 3 consecutive days of treatment.  Each 10-minute treatment is scheduled as quickly after surgery as possible.


Schedule Your Laser Treatment

Prior to your oral or other surgery, schedule your initial laser treatment to expedite your healing process.


Receive Your Treatment

Receive your post-surgery treatment in under ten minutes to accelerate healing at the cellular level, which decreases pain and swelling.


Get Back To Normal

Laser treatments help your body heal quicker so you can get back to your normal life faster.

“Dr. Kircher is not only an excellent chiropractor, but he also treats the whole body. I went to see him with severe pain in my leg. My foot was cold and numb. He tried to get a pulse in my foot and failed to find one, and told me to go see my medical doctor right away, this was serious. I did see the medical doctor, who diagnosed my femoral artery was totally blocked with a blood clot. Due to his care and expertise, I am alive today and recovering. I would recommend Dr. Kircher for any type of chiropractic work, plus if there are other issues, he will send you to the appropriate place. He’s an excellent doctor and person.”

Shirley Miller

We understand sometimes surgery is necessary, but that doesn’t mean your recovery can’t be easier.

Reduce scar tissue

Enjoy activities you love quicker

If you’re preparing for oral or other surgery,

and you don’t want to spend more time recovering than necessary,

and you are ready to get back to your life

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