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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Pain Relief

Spiritual Connection is how we feel about ourselves, whether we are aware or not.  This connection comes from the inside out and is based on our external experiences (if we are aware or not).

Our spiritual component is also comprised of the “story” we create and tell ourselves over and over again. This is based on our life experiences.

The language of the spirit body is creative. Expressed in art, music, poetry, ritual, and ceremony. A spiritual issue or crisis begins when we start to physically embody the story we tell ourselves.

If the story is negative, our symptoms will manifest physically and emotionally. So that we can grab the attention of our higher self.

For example, someone may be experiencing heel pain that is the physical manifestation of not being able to progress forward in a job, relationship, or life.  They may feel like they are a victim of life’s circumstances.

Often we are unable to connect our physical, emotional, and spiritual disconnections. We are too close to the story.

In order to find complete healing, we must bring in a neutral third party to help us decipher what is truly happening in the body.

Dr. Scott is able to look at a body and see precisely what is out of balance and how to address all the symptoms.

Dr. Scott Kircher is THE BEST chiropractor you will find. I am lucky enough to have him close to home. He has the ability to look at your entire physical makeup and see what is going on and causing you pain. He then takes that knowledge, and here’s a concept, actually fixes it so you walk out of the office feeling better. If you want a chiropractor (and more) that cares about your well being, your health and will actually listen to you instead of making you feel like a number, Dr. Scott is your guy.  “

Alisa C.

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