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chiropractic care for the whole human

Relieving mental, physical, and emotional pain by healing the whole being through chiropractic. 

Do what you love

Feel Youthful

live life fully

Nobody should have to:

live with Constant pain

try treatment after treatment

Wonder why they can't get better

Feel drained, stuck and old

be treated like a number

Struggle to find a practitioner that can help

Reconnect to all of you

stop being shoved into a


treatment plan


Dr. Scott Kircher helps you discover the emotional, physical, and spiritual connections to the pain trapped in the body.

Customized treatment

Together you create a treatment plan that works for you and your body. The body will only heal what it is ready to heal. Which is why we don’t believe in packages or long term contracts.


Quick and effective pain relief that lasts and gets you back to living a full life again.

“Dr. Scott is fantastic! He’s the best doctor ever and has a great bedside manner. Funny and gets right to the problem and fixes it! Has great techniques and also lets you know what he’s doing , why and what I need to do to stay feeling great. After seeing him, we went to Estes Park the next day and spent a long time walking with no pain anywhere. I Highly recommend Dr Scott to anyone that is suffering from pain. Wish we could take you back to Michigan Dr. Scott! Thank you millions!”

Tana Booth

What can I expect?

Dr. Scott Kircher helps patients alleviate and relieve pain with a customized approach using multiple modalities determined by the needs of the patient.


Schedule Your Appointment

Your initial appointment includes a comprehensive exam with Dr. Scott reviewing your history and a physical evaluation.


Determine Your Treatment

Together you and Dr. Scott will determine your best course of treatment and then you will receive an adjustment.


Find Pain Relief

Your chiropractic treatment is ultimately determined by you and where you want to direct your healing, Dr. Scott is just a guide along your path.

“Dr. Kircher is not only an excellent chiropractor, but he also treats the whole body. I went to see him with severe pain in my leg. My foot was cold and numb. He tried to get a pulse in my foot and failed to find one, and told me to go see my medical doctor right away, this was serious. I did see the medical doctor, who diagnosed my femoral artery was totally blocked with a blood clot. Due to his care and expertise, I am alive today and recovering. I would recommend Dr. Kircher for any type of chiropractic work, plus if there are other issues, he will send you to the appropriate place. He’s an excellent doctor and person.”

Shirley Miller

We understand what it feels like to be a number and not listened to

which is why we take a different approach by letting you direct the course of your healing.

Considering all the aspects of your healing including the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Get back to your life with painless laser treatment.

Pain relief that increases mobility, speeds up healing while reducing swelling and inflammation. 

If you’re tired of living with the pain,

If you don’t want to be another cog in the medical system wheel,

If you are ready for a new way to advance your healing on new levels

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