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Physical Healing

Physical Pain Relief

Pain and suffering can originate from aspects that are not physical. Yet they feel very physical.

Physical Pain is pain that is related to the anatomical body (foot, eye, or even a blood cell).  The brain directs this information from the inside out.  It is how we feel, perceive, and or sense the world from the outside of our being.  This means objects can be hard or soft, sharp, or dull, and hot or cold.

The physical aspect walks hand in hand with the physical manifestation.  This is why a painful knee hurts, is swollen, red, and cannot be bent.

The spectrum of causes for a swollen and painful knee can range from microscopic to macroscopic.  Which is why often a generic diagnosis is provided by licensed physicians.

By examining a person as a whole, I can see precisely what is out of balance, and know which component, physical, emotional, or spiritual, needs to be engaged.

This complete approach is what makes my practice unique.

“I was in a car accident 17 years ago and had whiplash that I did not take care of. I have had intense pain in my left shoulder for a very long time. I have seen many chiropractors and massage therapists throughout the years with no relief. I was referred to Dr. Scott and will not go to any other chiropractor again. He is extremely thorough you don’t leave unless he has gone over every part that could be causing the pain.  If your looking for relief see Dr. Scott. “

Sue Shaw


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