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Emotional Healing

Emotional Pain Relief

Emotional Pain describes our thoughts and feelings from the inside out.

We are familiar with emotions like fear, anger, sadness, or judgment appearing in language when we say things like: “I can’t”, “I hate” or, “I don’t want”.

But emotional pain builds up over time.

Our brain naturally multi-tasks.  It’s often difficult to slow down or quiet our thoughts.  Additionally, we are inundated with stress all day long. Those stressors affect our physical and spiritual bodies which then react to those multi-tasking patterns. Repeating those patterns creates both conscious and unconscious tension. Our bodies hold onto that tension which then manifests as pain.

The accumulation of this tension becomes painful, toxic, and potentially deadly.

This means you may have a stressor that shows up in the body as a painful swollen knee. Your body is delivering a message that is created in your mind. Forcing you to pay attention and rectify the stressor.

If the whole person isn’t treated, then the symptom of a swollen knee will continue to appear until the emotional component is addressed and listened to.

He is worth me driving from one side of town to another because he is that good. I have seen Chiropractors for over 20+years. He is one of a kind.

Suzanna Martinez

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